Share your story

Your story is experienced in minutes. It takes what feels like a lifetime to make it. Creating a world on and offline around your story and sharing that journey is today as vital as your film.



Your story

Your story is as unique as you are, that’s why it’s important that you do the talking.
We do the listening.

We listen to your story with experienced marketing and filmmaking ears.

We’ll give your story the broadest possible reach from the point you are ready to share it to the commercialisation of the completed work.


Audiences become more engaged as the project develops and elements of your story become tangible. At the end of production you are not only ready to enter the festival circuit (if that is your aim), you are in a strong position to sell the story, products and experiences around it.

It all starts with you telling us your story.

Storyworlds in the making


Your world, by design.

Multi-platform storytelling positions audiences (consumers) as powerful and engaged players in your world, with you the storyteller, as the guide into that storyworld.



Creating the Blueprint

We narrow the possible communication vehicles to what is relevant to your story and your audience.

  • The Big Idea:
    Once we’ve listened to and understood your story, we extrapolate key themes to create the ‘big idea,’ the strategy and blueprint.
  • Audiences:
    We go out and find them.
    We identify the people who will have most proclivities to listen to those key messages who will buy into that big idea.
  • Channels:
    Not all channels are created equal.
    Once we have defined your audiences, we review all methods of engaging with them on and/or off-line. We go to where they are and learn about what they do there, when they are there, how often, etc.

Story + Audience + Channels = Blueprint.

More about your blueprint


Navigate a new world

A story created and shared across multiple channels engenders engaged co-creators and ultimately, passionate and vested participants.



Navigating the web, digital changes, on and off-line avenues can seem daunting given the monumental task of producing a film. We know, we do it. But we haven’t done it alone.

Navigate unchartered territory with some of the brightest designers, developers and producers.


In your world, everything has to look like it belongs in your world. We design with your story and audience in mind. You will have a Style Guide, defining the look and feel of that world. This is your story brand. How people visually connect to your story.


Developing interfaces with your audience in mind is critical if they are to engage. Technology moves at the speed of nought. What drives our development and use of technology is your audience, your story – not the latest technology, platform or trends.


Online: social, mobile, gaming, interactive displays, websites, blogs
Offline: experiential, live events, viral stunts, or
Off/Online: Print + Augmented Reality + Social-Mobile events

More about your storyworld tools


Engaged audiences delivered

We don’t consult. We deliver results. It’s not our agenda that we aim to fulfil – it’s yours.



So, where are we?

Story:         Written
World:       Extracted
Audience: Found
Channels: Defined
World:       Built

Built it. They will come? We will place it where they will find it. This is through outreach, strategic placement on and off line, attracting the ‘opinion leader.’

We launch the programme and carefully set up tracking parameters.

We measure against those parameters (posts, likes, retweets, sharing, etc.) and track activity.

Given the objectives we review activity and refine our outreach, products, and or entertainment.

Rinse and repeat.

Deliver a fully profiled community, which is measurable and sellable,
Create a sales and marketing strategy around your defined audience,
Introduce sales and distribution agents or,
Deliver an e-commerce/social-commerce solution.

More about  the delivery process


The journey pays off

We all have to make a living. And art has to support the livelihood of the artist. Your community/audience will support you in the endeavour.




Intellectual Property

  • Film
  • Games
  • Apps
  • Music/soundtrack
  • Original content
  • Databases

More about monetising


Who we are

Storytellers, Digital Marketers and Advertising Professionals brought together to achieve a common goal: to make the storytelling process as engaging as your story, one that creates through involving and evolving a vested audience.

  • Experienced filmmakers/storytellers
  • Experienced researchers and digital communication planners
  • Experienced practitioners in online, social, mobile, live and experiential campaigns



Meet us

We are passionate about participating in well-told stories
We are passionate filmmakers having been through the very long process of getting a film to screen. We know that after successfully completing the monumental task of getting the story in the can, there’s the daunting task of selling it.

We know platforms and we know how to use them
We are passionate digital marketers/advertisers and have worked for the biggest brands in the world. Major brands spend time to understand behaviours; we deliver and refine messages to those behaviours providing actionable entertainment. Given the smallest brand or budget – we know how to engage.

Qualities our team share:

  • Talented, driven, and experienced (or just talented and nice to work with)
  • Forward-thinking
  • User-centric

Contact us if you are one of them